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Tailor Made Bar Tel Aviv

Tailor Made is a bar on Allenby close to Rothschild, owned by a group of partners including the owner of several big bars in Tel Aviv Idan Mordechai and the actor & TV presenter Michael Aloni. Open from 19:00 each night, Tailor Made is made of various spaces: a stage for live music, a central bar, an outdoor bar with patio for smokers, and places for eating with high and low seating. The bar is always full so come early if you want a seat. As well as being a bar, the place does great tapas style food and there is always a lively atmosphere.

The background music tends to range from electro and new age to funk and rock. Men need to be 28 or over to get it in, though women can get in at 25. The location on Allenby makes it really accessible – it's on the sherut line and taxis and buses go by all the time. The venue also hosts art shows and live music twice a week. With an innovative approach to opening hours, Tailor Made stays open until the last customer, so no need to feel rushed and move onto a club. Open since January 2013, Tailor Made has become a hot spot for tourists and is a guarantee of a great night out. 

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Organic green falafel - 36 nis
marinated in capsicum & herbs - 14 nis
Balkan' Ikra
served with caviar - 19 nis
Yugurt delicious cheese
with the consistency of yogurt - 19 nis
Dim sum handmade - 29 nis
Focaccia home-baked - 16 nis


Polenta truffle scented
shimaji mushrooms & asparagus - 32 nis
Crispy poached egg 
set in winter-mushroom truffle oil - 31 nis
Truffle risotto balls 
with yogurt, chives & contessa tomatoes - 36 nis


Tomatoes cocktail salad 
served with tahini, pine nut, basil and Kalamata olives - 38 nis
Lettuce with caesar dressing
served in a cup - 25nis
Endive Boats
served with colored cherry tomatoes, buche cheese, walnuts & raspberry vinaigrette - 36 nis
caprice tomatoes, beef mozzarella balsamic vinaigrette, fresh basil - 29 nis
Baby yellow cauliflower 
stone-baked, wrapped in parmesan - 29 nis
Rolled eggplant Baladi
filled with St. Mor goat’s cheese, roasted peppers, fresh basil - 33 nis
Grilled asparagus
with mayonnaise pastry pepper aioli, toasted almonds - 33 nis


Sashimi Tuna
asian style - 42 nis
Club red tuna
wasabi foam, arugula & cucumber - 43 nis
Fish carpaccio
tomato seeds, coriander, green chilies, sun-dried tomatoes 39 - nis
Mediterranean tartar
with tomato seeds vinaigrette coriander, clemente olives, red onion - 38 nis


Baby mozzarella & tomato - 24 nis
Baby chicken
in tomato cream & micro basil - 36 nis
Baby fillet
with a touch of cream, horseradish and white wine - 39 nis
Baby grouper (100g)
with orange fillets - 49 nis
Baby Spit Mix
tenderloin spit, pullet spit, locus fish spit & mozzarella spit - 59 nis


Club Sinta sandwich
juicy sirloin steak, mayonnaise  mustard, sun dried tomatoes, arugula & knishonim - 41 nis 

Duet of jars
filled with liver pate & cherry marmalade - 39 nis

Classic carpaccio beef fillet
 arugula, parmesan, olive oil - 39 nis
lightly spiced, parmesan, arugula capers & Tamar tomatoes - 39 nis
Fried sirloin strips
cooked with mushrooms served with roasted almonds - 43 nis
Home Made mini-burgers
served with french frise - 43nis
Foie gras
on toasted brioche with grape chutney in port wine sauce - 69nis


Meat Platter - 129 nis
Fish Platter - 129 nis
Cheese Platter - 129 nis


Macaroons moss
Pistachio, Cheese & Amarena Cherries - 38 nis
Chocolate Lollipop - 34 nis
Raspberry Crème Brulee - 36 nis
Strawberries & Cream - 34 nis
Tropical fruits,Whipped cream & Vanilla cream - 119 nis
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Place Details

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Address: 99 Allenby street , Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-5033387
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: 23+
Activity Hours
Every day: From 7PM until the last customer.
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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