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Roofy's Club Tel Aviv

Roofy's is the most exciting club in the city for summer 2013. They understand that moderate alcohol prices transform a regular party into a night to remember with an amazing atmosphere. So what have they done? All you can drink menus! For the price of a vodka Redbull in any club, you can drink all night at Roofy's.

The club is situated on a roof in Southern Tel Aviv and offers a true discotheque vibe with an emphasis on good music and good people.

At Roofy's you can choose between 3 drinking options: 59NIS, 79NIS & 99NIS, with the cheapest including beer, arak and champagne, while the most expensive includes premium drinks such as Ketel Vodka, whiskey and more.

Roofy's is owned by the same people that own many of the Tel Aviv bars like Toma, Hakuma and more. At the weekends, the place is packed and it is recommended to reserve a space in advance. Otherwise, get there nice and early! You can also order a table online. Enjoy…


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Address: 21 Tsiklag street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 052-482-2482
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Age: 22+
Activity Hours
Thursday - Friday: 9PM - until the last customer.
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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