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Nahlaot Neighborhood, Jerusalem

Groups of visitors are found strolling through the narrow picturesque streets. Nahlaot is actually a comprehensive name for 32 neighborhoods built in the center of Jerusalem. The name Nachlaot is derived of the fact that most of names in the region begin with Nachala. The neighborhoods were all built between the 19th century and the mid 20th century. The first residents of Nachlaot neighborhood were of Ashkenazi descent who moved into the city after exiting the ancient city walls. After that, many other small neighborhoods who were also established by ethnicity. Most of the new neighborhoods were of eastern descent.

The different neighborhoods which make Nachlaot: Nahalt Zion, Zichron Ya'akov, Mazkeret Shalom,Newe Shalom and Shabat Ahin. The general house style in Nachlaot  is yarded housing, where the houses surround a small closed yard for the personal use of the house owners. A big part of the streets are narrow and filled with three stories houses. Nowadays a big part of the houses have been reconstructed and preserved. The main street of Nachlaot is Nisim Bachar Street. On this street you'll be able to find many known establishments such as: Moshe Burekas "Y" Coffee shop Slow Moshe- a self service Jerusalemmi pub In addition a walking distance away is the famous Jerusalem market- Mahane Yehuda, where you can find anything from fruits and vegetable to trendy restaurants and designer shops. In Sibitz, you'll be able to find some of Jerusalem's most famous bars. 

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Location: Nahlaot Neighborhood, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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