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Monkey Park, Jerusalem

The Monkey Sanctuary & Park is situated in the beautiful Ben Shemen forest. Visitors can observe 250 monkeys from different parts of the world and learn about these fascinating mammals. The Park offers guided tours and the possibility of getting close to many of the monkeys including large areas where the monkeys roam free.

Outside the visiting area the foundation runs a sanctuary for primates in need in Israel (ex-pet, ex laboratory and confiscated monkeys) the monkeys are rehabilitated physically and socially in the sanctuary and learn to live in groups again. The monkey Sanctuary & Park foundation is a non- profit organization.

All income and donations go to rehabilitating the monkeys, conservation of endangered species and education.

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Attraction Details

From $ 13 .00 usd
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Location: Ben Shemen Forest, Jerusalem
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Phone: +972-(0)8-9285888
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
Activity Hours
Daily: 10 AM - 4 PM
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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