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King George Street, Tel Aviv

King George Street is one of Tel Aviv's central arteries of action. Walking down on a Friday afternoon can be frustrating to say the least as it is absolutely packed with people doing their weekend shopping or enjoying a coffee with friends in the sun. 

Starting at Allenby, King George's western end is opposite the Carmel Market and the Nachat Binyamin art market, and the small square where they meet usually has some sort of street entertainer or the infamous man who claims to be the messiah and dresses like Jesus. Shenkin also starts at this crossroads, a street known for its boutique clothes shops.

As you walk down King George you'll pass a hugely eclectic array of shops and cafés, selling everything you could think of, and there are a fair few hidden bars if you know which door to walk through – Par Derriere is a particularly exclusive wine bar accessible through an alleyway. As you go further down you'll pass Hamaoz, one of the most well-known bars in the city, famous for being designed like a house, and the dog park where Tel Aviv dog owners bring their dogs to play with each other. Every Friday, dog breeders bring puppies to this area to sell. 

Finally, King George meets Dizengoff Street at the Dizengoff Center, a perplexing shopping mall where you can buy anything you could need, see a movie, or even work out. Each Thursday and Friday the center also becomes a food market with stalls representing every cuisine.

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Location: King George Street, Tel Aviv
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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