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A Circling Tour of the Sea of Galilee

The Kineret is the largest sweet water reservoir in Israel and one of the largest in the Middle East. It attracts thousands of visitors a year and it holds a wide variety of wildlife. The tour could start at any point we please, since the nature of the tour is circular there are many options. Lets start. 


, Written by Yourway Team
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A short drive along the eastern side of the Kineret and mount Golan foothill's to our right with its changing colors. With the green as contrast it is easy to see animals running around here and there, deer, jackals and mostly cows Until we reach Kursi national park- an amazing relics site which during roman times, was a Jewish settlement, Christian settlement and finally a Syrian outpost up until the six days war. The Jewish settlement was named Kursi. A small vivid settlement which by Christian belief held the miracle of the pigs. The site exhibits an ancient inscription in Greek dating back to 585 and one of the world's first churches. The local people were mostly fishermen, who hold the historic tales of this magical place.

Credit (Left to right) - Goldstar and Talmoryair, Wikipedia 

We'll continue driving north on the highway towards Gamla junction where we will stop by one of the creeks heading down off the Golan towards the Kineret for a quick brunch. During spring time this area is filled with the many colors of blooming flowers and plants.

Gamla - Summer time. During the winter the place is much more colorful. 

With lunch under our belts we'll continue west along the northern shore of the Kineret and pass many rivers until we reach the Jordan and Arik bridge, here we'll stop and observe the intensity of the Jordan River. Massive amounts of water flows to the Kineret.

We'll head on to Kfar Nahum national park  (Capernaum) which holds one of the most important and ancient paths. This town participated in the great mutiny against Rome. This is also, by Christian belief, the place where Petrus was born, and one of the places where Jesus lived. There is many more stories to tell about this place but for that, you shall have to visit (entrance is free of charge). A boat yard and souvenir shop can are located on site as well. We recommend bringing binoculars to observe the many birdlife nesting on the water.

We'll continue our drive along the Kineret and pause under Arbel cliff to observe the spot where an ancient Jewish settlement used to be, right on the cliff's rocks. By ancient description the Romans used scaffolding to reach and conquer the city.

A short distance away from Migdal junction we'll see a rock standing out of the Kineret- this is the Ant Rock. To our right are remains of ancient Migdal, sarcophaguses and city remains. In front of the church on the water's edge lays the entrance to Gdud Ha Avoda quarry- a quarry which was used by the pavers of the road to Tiberias. This road was also named Road of Bread, since it provide many men with jobs, during the British mandate.

At this point we finish off the tour and we hope you had a great experience around the Sea of Galilee.
If you are interested in booking a guided tour in Israel, check our Israel tours section.
Would you like to see the christian sites in the Sea of Galilee? Please visit our Israel Christian Tours section. 



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