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Hummus - Local food In Israel

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  • Ekermawi Hummus - Jerusalem

    Located in the old city of Jerusalem. Considered as one of the best hummus in jerusalem. The place is open sience 1942 and even the British soldiers used to eat in this hummus place. 
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  • Hummus Bohonads - Tel Aviv

    If you want to eat hummus at bohonads, it is preferable to come before 13:30, Because the moment they finish making the hummus they go home. 
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  • Abu Maruwan Hummus - Tel Aviv

    Abu Maruwan is a Jaffa based hummus place, one of the oldest in the region. The hummus is superb and reminds you why it is worth going to Jaffa. 
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  • Hummus Lina Jerusalem - Jerusalem

    There are people who say that hummus Lina is the best in the world. There are people who are willing to debate on the matter, but who cares? 
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  • Abu Shukri Hummus - Jerusalem

    It is not so clear anymore who is the real Abu Shukri or more precisely the original, but one thing that you can say for sure about Abu shukri's Hummus in the ancient city: it's really good. 
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  • Abu Tahar Hummus - Jerusalem

    This hummus place is highly recommended. The restaurant located in Muslim quarter in the old city of Jerusalem. The Hummus is perfect -Thick, slightly sour, with the delicate flavor of the herbs. 
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  • Abu Hassan's Hummus - Tel Aviv

    The secret to Abu Hassan's hummus no one knows, and to tell you the truth it does not really matter, as long as he is here to continue and make his fabulous hummus. 
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  • Abu Maroon Hummus - Haifa

    In Haifa there are many hummus places but there is nothing like Abu maroon in all of Haifa. Abu maroon's hummus carries with it great experience and no less an immense love for hummus.
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  • Abu Yosef Hummus - Haifa

    Everybody knows the Abu Yosef restaurant. It is an eastern style restaurant that serves a variety of things but above all there hummus is fantastic. 
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  • Humus Abu Adham - Galilee

    Humus Abu Adham the northern area of Israel and mainly in the galil is full with great hummus places. A large portion of the unfamiliar hummus places are good. 
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  • Hummus Ashkara - Tel Aviv

    Hummus Ashkara: Hummus Ashkara is one of tel Aviv most renowned hummus places, and that is because it is open 24 hours a day.
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  • Said Hummus - Acre

    Saied's hummus is perhaps the most famous hummus in Israel. Saied's hummus is located in the ancient city of Jaffa and is considered a landmark. 
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