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In The Eye of The Storm - 10 Amazing Photos by Ido Cohen

While most of us were lied under the blanket and watch the TV with hot tea on the side, some of us went out to document this history event in Jerusalem. All the photos were taken during the weekend by the talented photographer - Ido Cohen.
, Written by Yourway Team
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1. This is maybe the most hallucinatory photo that was taken during the storm; soldier helps to citizens who stuck at home because of the snow. This kind of vehicles has never seen in Jerusalem since the six-day war (1967).

2. The second photo was taken during Saturday evening while the capital of Israel was under a massive snow attack... :). Photo from the new city alleys.

3. Saturday morning, Sacher Park the famous gardens of Jerusalem are full of children who plays the snow while some other people found an easy way to make some money. 


4. Good morning Jerusalem. 

 5. Over 50 centimeter of snow in Jerusalem...


 6. Not only the children plays with the snow. 

7. On the way to Jerusalem. This road is a side road and not the main road that leads to Jerusalem, since the main highway was blocked for more than two days. 

 8. The "String Bridge"

 9. This photo is our favorite, Jerusalem alleys during the stormy night.


10. The last one... a bit scary, don't you think?


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