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Haifa 4 Stars Hotels (found 4 properties)

Wake up to the view of the most beautiful bay in Israel, in Haifa there are more than 10 hotels with a 2-5 star rating, with some of them located in the upper part of the city overlooking the bay and others overlooking the city beach. 
  • Bay Club Hotel Haifa

    The Bay Club Hotel, which is shaded by pine trees and surrounded by picturesque garden, is available for booking from March 2013. It is designed with European resort towns in mind. The masterful desig... Read more
    7 Hasan Shukri Street  Show on map
    Check Availability
    From $ 170 .00 usd
    avg. per night
  • Templars Boutique Hotel Haifa

    The Templars Boutique Hotel is located in Haifa's German colony on the road that connects the stunning Baha'i Gardens and the port. The area is full of historical buildings preserved in their original... Read more
    36 Ben Gurion Blvd.German Colony  Show on map
    Check Availability
    From $ 180 .00 usd
    avg. per night
  • Leonardo Hotel Haifa

    The Leonardo Haifa has a variety of dining options, including the Coral restaurant and an elegant lounge bar. There is also a business lounge which is open 24 hours and comprises a work area where gue... Read more
    10 David Elazar Street  Show on map
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    From $ 187 .00 usd
    avg. per night
  • Maris Hotel Haifa

    The Maris Hotel is a brand new boutique hotel where rooms are essentially mini vacation apartments with kitchenettes and anything else you might need. Breakfast is served each morning at a local caf&#... Read more
    40 Hanamal Street   Show on map
    Check Availability
    From $ 130 .00 usd
    avg. per night

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