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Galina Dance Bar, Tel Aviv

The Galina is with out a doubt one of the hottest spots in Tel Aviv's magnificent port. It is situated on a huge deck overlooking the marvelous Mediterranean. At summer time you can enjoy the Galina on most days of the week with different music lines each evening, mostly mainstream but some electro as well At winter time the Galina changes its face to the Uptown and the party moves indoors at the same location. 

Its important to state that there is a dress code for entering the Galina so not advised to come strait after the beach, through on an elegant top and smart shoes and get into the groove. Alcohol prices are as in most of Tel Aviv's night clubs approx. 20 NIS for beer and approx 50 NIS for a glass of vodka. 

All that is left is to party on, Enjoy..  

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Address: Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-3741187
Payment: Cash and Credit
Age: Dependent on the day
Activity Hours
Every day: 7pm - until the last customer
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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