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Deli Club Tel Aviv

Deli is one of Tel Aviv's best kept secrets. The "home to house music" is not something you'd stumble into, rather you need to know where you're going as it is hidden through an unmarked door at the back of a normal deli shop on Allenby. Once you've bought your sandwich head over to the big grey door and discover a cocktail bar that leads into a mini club for house-music lovers. Stylish and refurbished, Deli caters to a slightly older clientele – late 20s to late 30s – and is prone to serving martinis rather than pints of Goldstar. Deli is owned by a group of nightlife veterans and has helped to revive the Allenby nightlife scene, especially as it has just opened and has a novelty feel about it.

You can check out the bar's Facebook group to see a schedule of themed evenings, including "Behind the Music" nights where DJs play the music that inspired them to love electro music. So whether you want to dance the night away, sit with a cocktail or simply get a sandwich, Deli has everything you need!

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Address: 47 Allenby street , Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)54-2567477
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: 23+
Activity Hours
Wednesday - Thursday: 9PM - 6AM
Fri: 10PM - 8AM
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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