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Betty and Nachi's Bistro Restaurant, Golan Heights

This is an invitation for an unforgettable and pleasuring experience of flavors, textures and atmosphere – at betty and Nahi's, the bistro at Moshav Ramot. hidden from sight, secrete, hidden behind a simple wooden door – there is a surprising country restaurant, moderately fancy, designed with wood and Basalt stone, table cloth, candles and shiny glass dishes – it offers an unforgettable feast of nibbles and tastings with the imagination, love and specialty of Nahi that cooks with pleasure. 

This is the place to let freedom of choice go forget about planning and control and entrust yourself in Nahi's trusted hands. An experienced that combines new and exciting flavors with warm and spoiling hospitality is guaranteed, in a place where the love of man and the love of cooking and hospitality coalesce. The smiling and relaxed Nahi that is totally in love with what he does will always find the time to come out of the steamy aroma filled kitchen. Take an interest in you and share with you his loves, and together with his glowing eyes and glorious beard – drag you into his world

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Questions and Answers

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Betty and Nachi's Bistro Restaurant, Golan Heights

Salads (serving of 5 from the list)

Eggplant and tomatoes – laced with homemade mayonnaise.
Pickled char-roasted sweet peppers.
Chicken hearts stuffed with almonds and served with broad beans – cooked in Arrack (Anise flavoured alcoholic beverage).
Chicken spleens with okra, cooked in red wine.
Tahini paste.
Chicken Liver Pâté. 
Salads are accompanied with crusty stone baked hand made bread

First Courses (serving of 3 from the list)

Baked Camembert wedge wrapped in lamb cheese dough. Served with a sweet garlic jam concentrate.
Grilled Champignon mushrooms topped with melted goat cheese.
Grilled eggplant served on an endive float (leaf) topped by a local cheese.
Oven baked Portobello mushrooms sprinkled with herbs.


Traditional Yemenite beef ("Regel") soup served hot or eggplant and pine nut soup – served just above room temperature.

Main Course (serving of 4 from the list)

Nachi's vegetarian daily special
Tender beef pieces served on a bed of white rice with gravy
Lamb Ossobuco
Veal tongue in zucchini sauce
Beef Asado (spicy)
Sweet & spicy chicken pieces cooked with dried fruit


Chef's choice or concentrated chocolate delight or homemade fruit sorbet
Choice of hot drinks
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Restaurant Details

From $ 50 .00 usd
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Location: Ramot, Galilee & Golan
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Phone: 972-(0)4-6732889
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday- Friday: Evening - Must reserve a table.
Business Menu
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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